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The Holy Spell breaker bath consists of frankincense & Myrrh. Demons really hate the smell of this. This will also help eliminate monitoring spirits since they hate the smell.

Dead Sea Salt

Today we know the salt from the Dead Sea is rich in magnesium, essential for over 300 cellular functions. Magnesium opens the cell to receive calcium for relaxing the muscles, regulates the circulatory system and assists with brain function. 

2Kings 2:20-22

“Bring me a new bowl,” he said, “and put salt in it.” So they brought it to him.Then he went out to the spring and threw the salt into it, saying, “This is what the Lordsays: ‘I have healed this water. Never again will it cause death or make the land unproductive. And the water has remained pure to this day, according to the word Elisha had spoken.

Healing Properties of Frankincense – comfort, regulates hormones, reduces anxiety, increases relaxation and spiritual awareness and is used today for healing cancer.

Healing Properties of Myrrh
cough, asthma, indigestion, ulcers, sore throat, congestion, hemorrhoids, joint pain, maintaining healthy skin.

Here are a list of scriptures that support the use of Frankincense & Myrrh.

A part of ceremonial offerings (Referenced several times in Leviticus 2, 5, 6, 24; Numbers 5, 1 Chronicles 9, Nehemiah 13)

A holy ceremonial perfume (Exodus 30:34)

A perfume (Song of Solomon 3:6; 4:6)

A precious commodity – potential currency (Isaiah 60:6; Jeremiah 6:20; Revelations 18:13)

The gifts of the Magi to the Christ child (Mathew 2:11)

  • A precious commodity – potential currency (Genesis 37:25)
  • Anointing oil (Exodus 30:23)
  • An ointment (Song of Solomon 5:5)
  • A perfume (Psalm 45:8, Proverbs 7:17, Song of Solomon 1:13, 4:14, 5:13)
  • An incense (Song of Solomon 3:6, 4:6)
  • A with mixed edible spices to be eaten (Song of Solomon 5:1)
  • The gifts of the Magi to the Christ child (Mathew 2:11)
  • Mixed with wine and given to Jesus on the cross (Mark 15:23)
  • Burial preparations Nicodemus used for Jesus’ in the tomb (John 19:3